A little about the Worker Bee

I'm so glad you are here and have an interest in supporting handcrafted art and small businesses like mine. Thank you!

My name is Bethany and I am the artist behind all of the creations you will find here. I am a San Diego girl currently living and creating in Minnesota. You'll find that I have carried the ocean with me into the heartland and I fully recognize the irony of creating beach sunsets and crashing waves while the ground is frozen and I can't get paint to dry outdoors. 

Our little family has bounced about the country quite a bit and I am grateful for all of the moves. From San Diego to Washington DC then Chicago before circling back around to Palm Desert right before settling into Minnesota. Each uprooting has brought with it more reverence for this country and her land. Her vast beauty has left me with sources of inspiration that have burrowed deep down within me. Like boxes of moments, colors, and emotions that I keep stacking high into my soul hoping for the right time to unpack a few onto my canvas.

Each uprooting illuminated aspects of who I am that may have taken me years and years to discover otherwise.

I post regularly on Instagram (@workerbeewood) so please check me out there for a look at in progress pieces and definitely add your name to my email list so I can offer you first dibs on new products, custom spot openings or sales.