New Year Well Wishes --- Are we already a month in to 2018?

The New Year has come and already placed her one month flag into the sand. I'm not sure I've sat down to reflect long and hard enough just yet. There is SO much to reflect on when I new year comes, isn't there? It's pretty typical, even comfortable, for me to feel a few steps behind though.  It's a pace I've learned to embrace and enjoy. The slow poke smelling flowers ten steps behind. I catch up eventually in a roundabout way.

I know that some of you are similar and we criss-cross paths as we meander from one curiosity to the next with the corners of our mouths turned up in a quiet smile. Or our brows contentedly furrowed from a new idea we are working out.

I also know that many of you are the pace-setters and stay the course. You take in the scenery as you go and can do your deep inhales and exhales as you execute plans. You help make this world go round.

Whichever describes you best, I wish you a year rich with joy. A year that runs deep with a rare peace of mind & soul. May you look back in a year and be delighted by how you have lived authentically, engaged with the world and been nourished by your time spent.

I appreciate each of you for exactly who you are right where you are in your own story. Happy 2018 ❤️🐝

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