What does Creativity Mean to Me? Cliff notes version.

Creative people are everywhere.

Some are creatives-in-denial ("who me? No, I don't have a creative bone in my body") and some are creatives who are actively engaging with creativity and drip passion all over their work ("I eat art for breakfast").

There's a whole lot of space for every version of artist, maker, shaker, and doer in between too.

They can wear business suits or ripped jeans.
They can go to a studio or work at the kitchen table while babies sleep.

One common thread is that none of us likely ever feels like there is enough time.

Creativity for me is a relationship that I prioritize. It's something I feed and make space for. It involves a lot of doing (get those ideas out!) and a lot of introspection (what does this piece really mean to me? What am I trying to say?) but possibly one of the coolest gifts of creativity is the ability to THINK creatively.

If I never produced a single thing with my hands again (ouch) I would still be an artist. Because the defining characteristic of creativity isn't the tangible. It happens in our minds. 

It's in the way we brainstorm, how we ask "well, why not?" Or "what would happen IF...?" Creativity is shifting perspective, considering different angles and approaches, and thinking like a trickster. It is in how we approach problem solving and even what we are going to define as a problem to begin with. 

It's seeing opportunity to explore right where you are.

Creativity to me is missing your plane and spending the next six hours at the airport enjoying yourself. After all, you and your brain have so much to talk about and wow, what an unexpected pool of time has just been carved out for you. 

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