Welcome to Worker Bee Wood

I'm so glad you are here and and that our paths have crossed in this world right this instant. Thank you for taking this moment to look at my heart's work and read more about me. Worker Bee Wood puts Quality, Originality, Story and Warmth front and center and I welcome you along with me on my journey. 

I have been experimenting with wood and creating art using it as my primary canvas and medium since 2014. Certainly some of my techniques and tools in the shop have evolved since those first days, but what has remained unchanged is my dedication to only selling high quality pieces that are one-of-a-kind and designed by me. And because of that handcrafted care everything that comes out of my shop also carries a story with it.

And stories are particularly enchanting to me.

My story.

Your story.

Their story.

It's this interest in people that also makes me feel passionate about other small shops and I want to regularly share makers, artists and entrepreneurs on in this posts so their special talents and insights can be highlighted. When others get to shine we all benefit from the glow.

Thank YOU for being a supporter of small business and handcrafted art. 




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